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Capitalism in the 21st Century

AI in Banking

Generative AI in Banking – Friend or Foe?

Artificial intelligence is all the rage. From large language models like ChatGPT to image generators like Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and Midjourney, generative AI products...
embracing sustainability

Embracing Sustainability: Greening the Supply Chain in the United States

By Jerry Haar The drive towards green supply chain management in the US is halfway towards achieving success. Industry leaders have made sustainability a priority,...
us china europe (1)

US, China, Europe: Economic Outlook

The foreign exchange market has always been known for its volatility and unpredictability. In recent days, significant changes have been taking place, which can...
debt ceiling

Biden-McCarthy Deal: Neoliberal Fiscal Policy Continues

By Jack Rasmus Over the weekend, US House of Representatives speaker McCarthy and president Biden announced a tentative agreement on raising the debt ceiling. The deal—almost...
Commodity Trading

Recent Developments in Commodity Trading: A Comprehensive Overview

Total trading volume has increased many times since the 1990s. The financial markets will continue to exceed expectations as new commodities enter the market,...

Slow Fashion: An Alternative Concept to Common Production and Consumption Practices in Fashion

By Leah Marie Gonse and Michael Palocz-Andresen The fashion industry operates on a mostly unsustainable business model that focuses mainly on growth of sales and...
Nature after the Pandemic

The Valuation of Nature after the Pandemic Seeing More Than Instrumental and Intrinsic Values

By Johanna Zoe Hartmann & Michael Palocz-Andresen The valuation of nature has relied broadly on instrumental and intrinsic values that form a dichotomy, an approach...

Gold is on the Rise as a Stablecoin, Insights From Kinesis Money, Jai Bifulco

Jai Bifulco, Chief Commercial Officer at Kinesis Money shares insights on the role that gold can play in the modern economy.  Chief Commercial Officer at...
Islamic Finance

Improving Food Security through Islamic Finance

By Ali Chamani Al Anshory and Wahyu Jatmiko Food insecurity gets intense attention, thanks not only to COVID-induced supply chain disruptions but also the Russian...
sunny places

Offshore Jurisdictions: Sunny Places for Shady Business No More!

By Andrew James Perkins Offshore Jurisdictions are firmly embedded into the global economy. However, they suffer from a perception of lax regulation from the point...

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