Why the world should take notice as Saudi Arabia joins Chinese alliance

Why the World Should Take Notice as Saudi Arabia Joins Chinese Alliance – And...

By Andrew MacLeod Saudi Arabia’s cabinet recently approved the decision to join the China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). This could be a signal that Riyadh, with all its...
Smart Phones Driving Nigerian

Smart Phones Driving Nigerian Fintech Firm’s Success

By Duggan Flanakin Sahir Berry, cofounder and CEO of the Nigeria-based financial services firm NowNow Digital Systems, says the key to his company’s success –...
emergency personnel

Turkey-Syria Earthquake: How Disaster Diplomacy Can Bring Warring Countries Together to Save Lives

By Ilan Kelman The death toll of the massive earthquakes that have rocked the Turkey-Syria border region has now exceeded 5,000 people and the World Health Organization...
turkey earthquake

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: How Satellites Can Help Rescue Efforts

By Emilie Bronner In disasters like the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and 7.5-magnitude aftershock that struck Syria and Turkey on February 6, 2023, international cooperation on satellite imaging plays a...
qatar world cup

World Cup 2022 – A Promise Fulfilled? Why Qatar’s Vision for a Successful World...

By Duggan Flanakin The pyrotechnics have finally settled in Doha on what was a truly sensational and hard fought 2022 World Cup, the stadiums no...
Gated Estates

Transition Spaces: Could Gated Estates Evolve into Solar Estates in Africa’s Cities?

By Mark Akrofi This article discusses the idea that transition spaces are useful for understanding and facilitating sustainable energy transitions in Africa’s cities. Gated estates,...
Mombasa Kenya

The Case For Raila Odinga As Kenya’s Next President

By Eleanor Legge-Bourke and Mario Pezzini Kenya, East Africa’s most stable country and largest economy, and Africa’s 6th largest, will choose its next President on August...
investment options

Investment Options For Expats In Dubai

As one of the world's largest economies, many people from all over the world have flocked to the UAE to establish their businesses and...

African Solidarity to Mitigate the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Marisha Ramdeen What began as a health crisis became very much a socio-economic and political crisis for many African countries as a result of...

How Africa Can Respond to the Seismic Changes in the World: Lessons from History

By John J Stremlau Fundamental changes are taking place in the world: what are the implications for Africa? A generation ago, newly appointed Organisation of African...

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