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Document and Workflow Management

Document and Workflow Management: A Smart Home For Your Documents

Interview with Benedikt Dischinger of DocuWare Business data is being accessed in an ever-wider variety of ways, from a range of devices, with implications for accessibility,...
hybrid work model

How to Measure the Success of Your Hybrid Work Model

By Gleb Tsipursky We are used to reading about “hybrid working” these days, but what does it really mean? In fact, this umbrella term may...
Collaborative Bidding Methods

Why and How Organisations Should Adopt More Collaborative Bidding Methods

By Kate Vitasek For organisations interested in innovation and growth, it is time to turn to more modern and collaborative bidding methods to unlock the...

Malta Invites Non-EU Entrepreneurs to Start Up in Malta

Malta is inviting non-EU entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures, or scale up their existing ones, using Malta as their base. The new Malta...

Meet the Company Revolutionizing the Way Corporations Think About Their Aviation Needs

It's no secret that businesses are looking to cut costs and reduce expenses. And while 2023 has already been rife with corporate layoffs, downsizing,...
Strategic Business Relationships

Formal Relational Contracting: The New Paradigm for Long-Term Strategic Business Relationships

By Kate Vitasek While 2019 will go down in history as the year the global pandemic started, 2022 will likely go down in history as...

Workplace, or Chatroom? How Businesses Should Manage Social Media

By Anna Birtwistle In the business world of the past, no one was in any doubt of the need for caution when committing words to...

PR and Marketing that’s Focused on the Financial Sector: Interview with Elizabeth Rayment, Founder...

Businesses operating in financial services are constrained by a complex fabric of regulatory frameworks. What are the implications for their PR and marketing activities?...
Audio Data

Aural Examination: Making Sense of Audio Data

Interview with Nigel Cannings, CTO at Intelligent Voice  Although the written word remains recorded in solid alphabetic form, speech is ephemeral and flits past us,...

Gold is on the Rise as a Stablecoin, Insights From Kinesis Money, Jai Bifulco

Jai Bifulco, Chief Commercial Officer at Kinesis Money shares insights on the role that gold can play in the modern economy.  Chief Commercial Officer at...

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