Meet the Company Revolutionizing the Way Corporations Think About Their Aviation Needs


It’s no secret that businesses are looking to cut costs and reduce expenses. And while 2023 has already been rife with corporate layoffs, downsizing, and the reduction of corporate flight departments, the shift towards corporate cost-cutting strategies is far from over.

Amidst all the upheaval, one company has set out to provide a very unique solution to business travel, that doesn’t require organizations to sacrifice flexibility or freedom.

Four Corners Aviation has created an unprecedented suite of services, via their Freedom Program, that allows business jet users access to all the freedom, flexibility, and convenience of whole ownership without any of those headaches or responsibilities. Four Corners calls this “no ownership” service—meaning it’s not a lease, nor an asset on a client’s balance sheet, but rather a contract between client and Four Corners. In many cases, this service can reduce the number of contracts a client has to manage from fifty or more, down to just one.

Better yet, clients receive the same aircraft every time they fly in its entirety, along with the same crew members, which is a distinct difference over flying charter.

Vincent Kavanagh, Executive Vice President for Four Corners Aviation, explains their unique position in the marketplace, “The Freedom Program releases the capital tied up in the aircraft or fleet purchase; allowing companies to re-invest their capital back into their business. We purchase the aircraft/fleet at fair market value and take over the management, the crew, and all flight operations. This removes the focus and often ‘hassles’ in owning and running an aircraft/fleet and crew. We deal with all the ‘surprises’ so that companies do not have to.”

While many businesses have been forced to downsize and eliminate unnecessary expenses, very few want to sacrifice freedom and flexibility just to save a buck. Corporations want the ability to fly wherever they want, whenever they want, without the hassle of owning and managing their own aircraft.

Times like these call for innovative solutions, and Four Corners ‘Freedom’ program provides just that. 

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