Data Science for Finance Revolutionizing the Financial Industry

Data Science for Finance: Revolutionizing the Financial Industry

Introduction In today's digital age, data science has emerged as a powerful tool that is transforming industries across the board. One field where data science...
Security Risks Using Artificial Intelligence

Managing Security Risks in Fintech Using Artificial Intelligence

By Maksym Bieliai, BA Team Leader, Fintech Market Analyst Financial companies face exposure to a greater variety of attack vectors than ever before. The...
global cybersecurity

Zero Trust Segmentation: Stopping Breaches From Becoming Catastrophes

Interview with Adam Brady, Director, Systems Engineering, EMEA at Illumio  Zero trust security is a key strategy to protect corporate IT assets. But continuously authenticating...
Banking Technology

Banking Technology: On the Road to Hyper-Personalisation

Interview with Jonathan Stallard, Senior Account Executive at Backbase  In the brave new world of neobanks, the traditional high-street banks have some thinking to do....
AI in Banking

Generative AI in Banking – Friend or Foe?

Artificial intelligence is all the rage. From large language models like ChatGPT to image generators like Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and Midjourney, generative AI products...
Electronic Vehicle

9 Things You Should Know Before Investing In Electric Vehicle Markets

In the vibrant world of investment, the electric vehicle (EV) markets hold a compelling charm. The astounding rise of EV stocks and a green...

How Will the Metaverse Impact Identity Governance?

By Martin Kuhlmann Businesses have exciting new opportunities thanks to the metaverse, but there are also identity and security hurdles. The development and growth of the...

Lessons To Learn From Analysing Six Popular Media and Entertainment Apps

By Ville Houttu The big names in media and entertainment apps surely owe their success largely to the slick user experience that they deliver to...
Funding for SMEs

AI Helping to Smooth the Way to Funding for SMEs: Interview with Chirag Shah,...

How are artificial intelligence and open banking transforming business finance? Why has AI bias become such a big problem? And what is the future...
Working Two Remote Jobs

The Pernicious Myth of Working Two Remote Jobs

By Dr Gleb Tsipursky We all love a good story. Perhaps that’s why entertaining but spurious beliefs have such a strong tendency to take root...

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