Jam Today

“Jam Today” – Staged Delivery of Disruptive Digital Propositions for Impatient CEOs

By Katrin Herrling and Jonathan Holman The benefits of digital transformation are clear, but too many eight-figure investments fail to deliver on their promises of...
Evaluating Market Trends The Role of Primary Market Research in Forecasting Financial Opportunities

Evaluating Market Trends: The Role of Primary Market Research in Forecasting Financial Opportunities

In the complex hop of business and finance, being ahead of the curve is not just a pursuit; it's a necessity. Think of having...
Cash Flow Analysis

5 Things You Should Know About Cash Flow Analysis

In a world where financial sustainability spells business success, understanding one's cash flows remains pivotal. Dive deep into cash flow analysis, a powerful tool...
Key Components of a Healthcare Facility Financial Plan

Key Components of a Healthcare Facility Financial Plan

Developing a financial plan for a healthcare facility is essential in ensuring the organization's future operations remain stable and prosperous. A comprehensive financial plan...
Financial Guidance

Unlock the Power of Strategic Financial Guidance

Strategic financial planning helps your enterprise achieve its financial goals. Whether your goals are simple, complex or unrealistic, outsourced CFO services can provide the professional assistance...
Cash Flow -Business

Managing Business Cash Flow: Leveraging Finance Tools and Bank Accounts for Success

The lifeblood of any successful business lies in effectively managing its cash flow.  Irrespective of the industry, a strong cash flow management strategy can be...
Budget Better

Budget Better: 10 Strategies for Getting Your Company’s Finances in Check

Managing finances is an essential part of running a successful business. However, many companies struggle to keep their finances in check due to various...
Business Plan

How to Develop Financial Projections for Your Business Plan

Developing accurate financial projections is crucial for creating a robust and persuasive business plan. By forecasting financial performance, your business can anticipate challenges, identify...
Credit Repair

High Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval – Understanding Credit Repair and PayPal Merchant Accounts

In today's digital age, having a merchant account is a must for any business – whether big or small. But for some businesses that...
Business Planning

The Importance of Proven Financial Planning and Analysis in Business Success

Financial planning and analysis play a crucial role in the success of any business. They provide invaluable insights into the financial health of the...

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