Russia-Ukraine War Separating Children from Parents

By Duggan Flanakin A report issued last September by Human Rights Watch cited Russian media reports that over 3.4 million Ukrainians -- including 555,000 children...

The Study of International Political Economy

By Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction The study of the international political economy refers to an interdisciplinary academic subject area of study that analyses economics, politics and...
ESG Ideology

The Rich Tapestry of India’s ESG Ideology: Insights from its Ancient Scriptures and Practices

By Srinath Sridharan In today's rapidly changing world, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles are gaining significant traction, as societies across the globe recognise the...
Achieving the SDGs

Why Corporations Should be Accountable for Achieving the SDGs

By Kathleen Enright Kathleen Enright writes about corporate accountability towards the SDGs, based on observations from the WEF annual meeting in Davos. What are the components...
ukraine war

How The Ukraine War Highlighted Tangible Opportunities For Change In Housing Vulnerable Communities 

By Vaughn Buckley, CEO, Volumetric Building Companies (VBC) In late February 2022, on a trip down south to one of the Volumetric Building Companies' (VBC)...
emergency personnel

Turkey-Syria Earthquake: How Disaster Diplomacy Can Bring Warring Countries Together to Save Lives

By Ilan Kelman The death toll of the massive earthquakes that have rocked the Turkey-Syria border region has now exceeded 5,000 people and the World Health Organization...
Oil Markets

Oil Markets in the Age of Energy Transition

By Adi Imsirovic The oil market is changing in response to energy transition. What should we expect in the next few years? Adi Imsirovic explores...
big oil

What Big Oil Knew About Climate Change, in its Own Words

By Benjamin Franta Four years ago, I traveled around America, visiting historical archives. I was looking for documents that might reveal the hidden history of...
Electric Vehicles in India

Emerging Opportunity for Battery Swapping Model for Electric Vehicles in India

By Parveen Kumar and Anshika Singh Battery swapping is emerging as an efficient and alternative fast-refuelling option for electric vehicles (EV), especially for e-2Ws and...
Help Ukraine

How You Can Help Ukraine

By Oleg Kyryievskyi and Ivan Dmytrasevych As Ukraine fights for its independence, freedom, and for peace in Europe, there are a lot of talks on...

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