ESG Ideology

The Rich Tapestry of India’s ESG Ideology: Insights from its Ancient Scriptures and Practices

By Srinath Sridharan In today's rapidly changing world, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles are gaining significant traction, as societies across the globe recognise the...
Electric Vehicles in India

Emerging Opportunity for Battery Swapping Model for Electric Vehicles in India

By Parveen Kumar and Anshika Singh Battery swapping is emerging as an efficient and alternative fast-refuelling option for electric vehicles (EV), especially for e-2Ws and...
India's uttar pradesh

India’s NGO Workers Put Their Lives on the Line to Fight Prostitution

By Katarzyna Rybarczyk In India’s Uttar Pradesh NGO workers put their safety on the line to fight child prostitution, end sex trafficking, and restore victims’ dignity.  Uttar...
India Celebration

India Turns 75: Fast Facts About the Unusual Constitution Guiding the World’s Most Populous...

By Deepa Das Acevedo India will celebrate its 75th birthday on Aug. 15, 2022. Its independence from British colonial rule followed a complex process, including Partition: the...

Why India Chose a Path of ‘Proactive Neutrality’ on Ukraine

By Swaran Singh Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, India’s refusal to condemn Russia and maintain a neutral stance has sparked many debates at home...

‘India’s Tiktok’ Chingari Launches a Revamped Wallet App With $GARI Token Integration

Chingari, a short video creation app, announced the launch of its revamped mobile application adding its native $GARI token to the app. Announced Monday,...
featured image

British Imperialism, Religion, and the Politics of ‘Divide and Rule’ in the Indian-Subcontinent

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction Recently India’s Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi again brought the issues of India’s partition and tried to blame it on...

Agriculture, Sustainable Development, and Government Policy in Developing Countries

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui  I. Introduction Bandung Conference (1955) in Indonesia was the first large meeting of leaders from newly independent countries from Asia and Africa,...

Investing in Indian real estate in 2021 could be the start of years of...

Suchit Punnose, Founder and CEO of Red Ribbon Asset Management on why 2021 is a good year to invest in Indian real estate. By...

The RSS, ‘Hindutva’ and Rising Attacks against Muslims in India

By Kalim Siddiqui   I. Introduction The article will discuss the recent attacks against Muslims in Delhi and try to examine the ‘Hindutva’ (defined as extreme Hindu...

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