BRICS economy and policies concept : Flags of BRICS or group of five major emerging national economy i.e Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. BRICS members are all leading developing countries.

De-dollarization, Six New Members, and Internal Rivalry: A Summary of the 15th BRICS summit 

Did you miss the main events at the 15th BRICS summit? We've got you covered. By Emil Bjerg, journalist and editor  This year's BRICS summit...
High Interest Rates in the UK

High Interest Rates in the UK Contribute to Popularity of Pension Annuities

Soaring interest rates in the UK have led to a drive in annuity sales as savers rush to secure a higher retirement income. Figures from...
Remote Work

How Remote Work Revolutionized the US Economy

The outbreak of the global pandemic in 2020 prompted an unprecedented shift in the way businesses operate, triggering a widespread adoption of remote work...
De dollarisation

De-dollarisation, Currency Wars and the End of US Dollar Hegemony

By Kalim Siddiqui The US dollar has long been the dominant currency in international trade and financial markets. But Kalim Siddiqui argues that a process...
tech in work

The Technological Wave Sweeping Through Live Theatre

The world of live theatre has always held a special place in our hearts, whisking us away to magical realms and captivating stories. But...
corridor connectivity

From the Middle Out and Bottom Up: The Belt and Road Initiative at 10...

By Xiangming Chen The year 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a transcontinental connectivity project launched by China in...
cold war

The New Cold War: Struggle for Global Domination (Part 2)

By Kalim Siddiqui This is part 2 of this series of articles on the New Cold War. (Link to Article Part 1) Kalim Siddiqui concludes...
US Gambling Industry How iGaming Can Benefit Individual States

US Gambling Industry: How iGaming Can Benefit Individual States

Across the United States, online casino revenues are lost to unregulated offshore providers. If more individual states would consider legalizing iGaming, the trend would...
Western firms still doing business in Russia finance the war – here’s how to recoup the huge cost to taxpayers

Western Firms Still Doing Business in Russia Finance the War – Here’s How to...

By Renaud Foucart In Russia this summer, you can still enjoy a Cornetto, but you can forget about eating a Tunnock’s tea cake or a Big Mac. This is because...
opportunity shoes industry vietnam

Investment Opportunities: Exploring Vietnam’s Shoe Manufacturing Sector

The world of footwear manufacturing is witnessing an exciting shift, with Vietnam emerging as a compelling destination for smart investors seeking lucrative opportunities in...

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